When Is Sciatica A Medical Emergency?

sciatica medical emergency

For the majority of people, sciatic pain is caused by a disc herniation in the low back. There may be other causes such as degenerative disc disease, SI joint dysfunction, and piriformis syndrome, but for the most part a herniated disc is usually the culprit. The symptoms felt with sciatica include sharp pain that travels…

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Best Cream For Back Pain & Joint Pain | Workvie Review

Topical pain creams are a great alternative for the relief of muscular pain and inflammation of tendons.  Some creams are also helpful in easing the pain in joints caused by overuse activities and arthritis such as the wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, etc.   Topical pain relief can come in creams, sprays, gels, or patches.  These…

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Sciatica Stretches & Exercises: Herniated Discs

sciatica stretches herniated disc

If you’re suffering from sciatica due to a disc herniation then watch the video where I show you 2 exercises for sciatic nerve pain relief. People with a herniated disc usually have more pain when bending forward from the waist (lumbar flexion) so these exercises will focus on doing the opposite movement, lumbar extension. If…

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Sciatica Symptoms: What Numbness and Tingling In Your Legs Tell You

sciatica numbness and tingling

If you’re suffering from sciatica or pinched nerves, you may have sensations going down the legs and/or feet. These sensations can be numbness and tingling, sharp shooting pain, or even weakness in the legs. The numbness and tingling is a sure sign of a pinched nerve but even more important than the sensations, is the…

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