Sciatica Stretches & Exercises: Herniated Discs

sciatica stretches herniated disc

If you’re suffering from sciatica due to a disc herniation then watch the video where I show you 2 exercises for sciatic nerve pain relief. People with a herniated disc usually have more pain when bending forward from the waist (lumbar flexion) so these exercises will focus on doing the opposite movement, lumbar extension. If…

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Sciatica Symptoms: What Numbness and Tingling In Your Legs Tell You

sciatica numbness and tingling

If you’re suffering from sciatica or pinched nerves, you may have sensations going down the legs and/or feet. These sensations can be numbness and tingling, sharp shooting pain, or even weakness in the legs. The numbness and tingling is a sure sign of a pinched nerve but even more important than the sensations, is the…

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How a Herniated Disc Can Cause a Crooked Back (FIX THIS)

Herniated Disc Causing Crooked Back? Do This For Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief (Antalgic Lean)

If you have a crooked back and sciatica due to a herniated disc, you probably have a posterolateral disc herniation. This is the most common type of disc herniation and your body naturally moves away from it.  This lateral movement is called an antalgic lean and it’s how your body shields itself from pain, by…

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Why You Should Avoid Spinal Fusion (What your surgeon WON’T tell you)


Before you think about having lumbar spinal fusion surgery to treat your sciatica, make sure you watch the video above.  Whenever vertebrae in the lumbar spine are fused, it becomes immovable and it comes with a price. The spine is designed to move and when an area is permanently fixed, the body compensates by placing…

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