2 Winged Scapula Exercises to Fix Scapular Winging

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If you’re suffering from scapular, the first thing you need to understand is the anatomy that attaches to the scapula.

The scapulae (or shoulder blades) are part of the ball and socket joint of the shoulder and are held in correct anatomical position by important muscles called the Serratus Anterior muscles.

But there’s also other structures that attach to the scapulae that determine whether your shoulder blades move smoothly or have a movement dysfunction.

Because the shoulder blades are part of the shoulder complex, a limitation of motion in the scapula means that your shoulder motion will be limited, especially abduction of the shoulder.

The Serratus Anterior muscles help to keep the shoulder blades against the rib cage and in the case of a winged scapula, when these muscles are weak the shoulder “wings” or protrudes like an angel’s wings.

Another muscle that attaches to the superior portion of the scapulae is the levator scapulae and as the name suggests, its function is to elevates the scapula.

When the levator scapulae is tight, it will elevate the shoulder blade and give you an appearance of having one shoulder higher than the other. When this stiffness remains untreated it changes the biomechanics of the shoulder.

When these muscles are tight, they can impinge the long thoracic nerve that feeds the serratus anterior muscle thus causing its weakness and cause the scapular winging.

Once you understand the anatomy, you can start focusing on specific and corrective exercises for a winged scapula.  The exercises should focus on strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles to create balance in the shoulder joint that allows for free movement without restrictions.

That’s it’s important to treat the whole shoulder complex because no matter how much you strengthen the serratus anterior, you will not fix the winged scapula until the tight muscles are stretched and the long thoracic nerve is decompressed.

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