Core Strengthening Exercise For Herniated Discs (WALL PLANK)

wall plank best core strengthening exercises for six pack abs

If you suffer from a herniated disc or low back pain, you want to make sure you have a strong core but in order to do that you want do train your core with exercises that don’t harm you.

In other words you want to AVOID exercises that bend your waist forward like a sit-up does. The reason for this is that bending forward increases the pressure in the lumbar discs and if you already have a disc herniation, it can cause more low back pain.

Instead you want to strengthen your core by doing isometric core exercises like the walking wall plank workout. This is one of the best core strengthening exercises that will also help to stabilize your spine and prevent injuries.


1. Face a wall and place your hands on the wall.

2. Walk your hands down the wall and get as close to the ground as possible while keeping the abs tight and spine straight.

3. Pause at the bottom for 10 seconds while holding a plank.

4. Walk up the wall and repeat this everyday for 3 minutes.

As an added benefit, this exercise will also help you to strengthen your arms and shoulders since you have to continuously press against the wall in order to not hit the floor.

Try this 3 minute wall plank workout every day and in a month you will have a very strong core.

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