How a Herniated Disc Can Cause a Crooked Back (FIX THIS)

Herniated Disc Causing Crooked Back? Do This For Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief (Antalgic Lean)

If you have a crooked back and sciatica due to a herniated disc, you probably have a posterolateral disc herniation.

This is the most common type of disc herniation and your body naturally moves away from it.  This lateral movement is called an antalgic lean and it’s how your body shields itself from pain, by leaning away from the side that hurts.

A posterolateral disc herniation that pinches on a nerve could cause sciatic nerve pain or pain going down down a leg, sharp pain, numbness, and tingling down a leg.

One way to make this better and get sciatic nerve pain relief is with an exercise in which you will lean against a wall.

You will lean the shoulder opposite to the side of pain against a wall, and then you will push your hip towards the wall.

Do between 10 – 15 exercises every hour, however, if the pain increases after about 4 or 5 repetitions then you should stop doing the exercise and try again when your injury feels better.

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