How to Diagnose a Herniated Disc WITHOUT an MRI

sciatica causes herniated disc test

If you have low back pain and sciatica but are not sure what’s causing your problem, the 3 herniated disc tests in this video can help you determine the cause of your pain.

The gold standard to diagnose a disc herniation or bulging disc is an MRI study, however, some people may not be able to get one done due to financial reasons.

This is why I recorded these 3 orthopedic tests used by doctors to determine whether a person may be suffering from a herniated disc.

What you’re looking for when performing these 3 herniated disc tests is a reproduction of low back pain and/or radiating pain down your leg which will indicate a pinched sciatic nerve.

If your tests come out positive then you can start doing herniated disc exercises or sciatica exercises that focus on lumbar extension which are the best ones for the treatment of a disc herniation.

Along with extension exercises, decompression of the lumbar spine and discs is also a good treatment option that can bring significant relief.

Of course these 3 tests do not replace an MRI because the tests don’t tell you the exact discs that are herniated or what nerve root(s) they may be pinching but it is a very good general indication that you have disc injuries.

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