How to Fix Winged Scapula (Serratus Anterior Exercises)

how to fix winged scapula

In this video I discuss a condition called Winged Scapula aka Scapular Winging.

This condition is caused by an injury to the long thoracic nerve and weakness in the Serratus Anterior muscle located on the underside of each shoulder blade. The Serratus Anterior muscle is responsible for maintaining the shoulder blades attached to the rib cage.

When the Serratus Anterior muscle is weak, the scapula protrudes making it look like an angel wing and it can cause discomfort and affect the range of motion of the shoulder.  The person with a winged scapula may also feel discomfort when reclining on a chair because the shoulder blade is sticking out more than normal.

These video shows you 5 scapula exercises to strengthen the serratus anterior muscle and correct your winging shoulder blade.

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