How to NOT fix a herniated disc

how to fix a herniated disc sciatica recovery

If you’re suffering from a herniated disc and working to fix the problem, you must avoid 2 very common mistakes.

The intervertebral disc is an avascular structure that does not receive very good blood supply to nourish it so it requires movement and the help of the vertebrae above and below it to heal and fix the disc bulge or disc herniation.

So 2 things you want to avoid when trying to heal and fix a herniated disc problem are:

1. Smoking: the nicotine in cigarettes is a vasoconstrictor which means it narrows blood vessels. If the blood vessels supplying the discs with nutrients are narrow, the disc will receive less nourishment which will make recovery longer.

2. Bed rest: since a disc requires movement, resting in bed does the opposite. You want to remain as active as possible when you have a disc herniation because the pumping mechanism it receives through motion keeps it healthy and helps to repair a disc.

If you’re currently suffering from a herniated disc and you’re not sure which exercises you should be doing and what movements you should avoid, then make sure you sign up to watch my free online presentation where I show you exactly what do with simple exercises you can do from home.