When it comes to low back pain, there are many causes to the problem. One cause to this problem is the psoas muscle. The psoas muscle attaches from the lumbar spine to the thigh bone (femur). The psoas contracts with hip flexion, or bringing  the thigh up towards the lower abdomen.

Since we spend most of our time sitting down, our psoas can become tight.  If you think about the sitting position, it causes the psoas to become shortened because sitting is a form of hip flexion. Because of this constant state of contraction, the psoas becomes tight and can pull on the low back where it attaches.

For this reason, one of the most simple exercises for low back pain is the psoas stretch.

This is done by getting on one knee with the other leg in front of you. You then lean your weight into the front leg while maintain your back straight.  You’ll feel a stretch in the front of the hind leg, which is where the psoas is. Try this stretch daily and you’ll feel less tightness in the lower back.

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