Microdiscectomy Surgery Reviews – Watch this BEFORE Herniated Disc Surgery

microdiscectomy herniated disc surgery

If you have a disc herniation and it’s causing sciatica, a microdiscectomy is an option that will give you almost instant relief, however, this minimally invasive surgery only addresses a portion of the problem.

A herniated disc is weakest at its posterior portion and in order to avoid the disc from herniating again, you have to strengthen that weak point. In fact, it is very possible that you can re-herniate that same disc within 3 months after your sciatica surgery.

It’s very important to due your homework before you decide to have a microdiscectomy because 90% of people with herniated discs DO NOT require surgery and can heal conservatively through exercises.

Exercises that are recommended for herniated discs focus on naturally removing pressure off the lumbar spine and sciatic nerve through lumbar extension.

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