Prevent Herniated Discs & Sciatica While Weight Training (Squats & Deadlift)

herniated disc weights

Many people injure their low back and discs at the gym due to improper lifting technique and lifting more than they are capable of.

I see this very often with two exercises: Squats and the deadlifts.

These two exercises require excellent form and a strong core to protect your lower back.

As I’ve said in the past, the two worse movements for your low back and discs are flexion and rotation at the same time. With these two exercises, any slight flexion and rotation of the spine can cause a herniated disc, disc bulge, muscle strain, and even sciatica.

To protect your spine while still being able to add strength and size to your legs, I recommend you try unilateral leg training.

This will challenge your legs while keeping your low back and discs safe from injuries.

Unilateral leg exercises are excellent because (1) they place a bigger load on each leg without the need for extra weight on your back, (2) they improve your balance, and (3) they are easy on the spine and force you to main proper posture.

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