Prevent Sciatica Flare Up When Getting Out of Bed

As we sleep, the lack of constant motion causes our bodies to be more stiff when we wake up. This stiffness can increase the sensation of pain if you’re suffering from lower back pain and sciatica.

One of the most common mistakes I see, is people getting out of bed in a sit up like motion (lumbar flexion).  This causes an increase in pain and sciatica because flexion of the lumbar spine increases the pressure in the lower back and discs.

To avoid low back pain and sciatica flare up, simply roll your body to one side and slow push yourself up using your arms instead of bending from your waist.

This simple tip can help you start your day off in the right foot instead of more pain.

How to Get Rid of Sciatica 
Surgery, Injections, or Addicting Painkillers