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Going to a Chiropractor or Physical therapist 3 times a week for 6 weeks would cost you a minimum of $1500, not including the gas money and time you have to put in to go to a clinic.

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  • It works for ANY major cause of sciatica. It doesn't matter if you have herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or SI joint involvement

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$921 in FREE Bonuses

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Bonus 1: Unlimited Email Support.  You'll get direct email access to me if you have any questions or encounter any obstacles.  I'll guide you along the way to make sure you stay on track. ($500 value)

Bonus 2:  Lifetime Program Updates.  The world of medicine changes periodically and I'm always testing and tweaking new exercises.  For this reason, I've got you covered.  You'll get access to all future updates at no charge. ($200 value)

Bonus 3:  Exclusive Access to our Private Members-Only Facebook Group.  This community of people like you is committed to encourage and help each other with their sciatica struggles.  Join the conversation, this group is here to support you along the way. ($100 value)

Bonus 4: Sleep Your Way to Recovery.  Sleep is absolutely critical to your recovery and it's one area in which almost everyone of us could improve.  Learn the ideal positions to avoid sleeping in pain, how to prevent flare ups when getting out of bed, and tips to improve the quality of your sleep. ($37 value)

Bonus 5:  Ergonomics 101.  Adapting your work station to fit your body can help reduce physical stress on your back and neck and prevent injuries.  This guide provides illustrations of proper workstation ergonomics and a checklist for implementation of these strategies as well as tips for prevention. ($37 value)

Bonus 6:  31 Days of Fat Burning Workouts. Once your sciatica improves, you'll be able to be more active and keep the weight off your low back.  Follow the exercises in this ebook to build lean muscle and lose fat without any expensive gym equipment. ($47 value)

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Here's What This Program Will Do For You

  • Get rid of sciatica from the convenience of your home when you follow and implement this time-tested program
  • Save you THOUSANDS of dollars by avoiding risky back surgery, painful epidural injections, and addicting painkillers
  • Allow you to FINALLY get a full night's sleep and wake up with energy
  • Give you long term results unlike the short-lived relief you get from painkillers
  • Get you out of pain naturally WITHOUT any harmful side effects
  • Get your back MUCH stronger so you can prevent flare ups in the future
  • Help you live like your old self again!
  • And much more!

I don’t want any unhappy patients. If you’re not feeling ANY better within 30 days of consistently following the program and you don’t feel this is the best sciatica program online, simply email me and get your money back.

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YES! I Want Instant Access Now! I understand that I'll receive instant access to:

Sayonara Sciatica System + $921 in FREE Bonuses

Yes, I want to save $403


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