Tennis Elbow Exercises vs Cortisone Injection for Lateral Epicondylitis

tennis elbow exercises vs cortisone injections for lateral epicondylitis

If you have tennis elbow and have been contemplating getting a cortisone steroid injection instead of following an exercise program, make sure you watch this video so that you can see what the research shows.

Cortisone injections are typically used to bring down inflammation and block the sensation of pain.

Tennis elbow, however, is a degenerative condition where fibers of the common extensor tendon are damaged.

Damaged fibers respond to exercise for remodeling and to get them stronger. A cortisone injection will only suppress the sensation of pain and inflammation, it DOES NOT heal injured tissue.

Yes, you will feel a decrease in pain with the injection but that can actually cause more damage.

When you don’t feel pain you’ll continue doing activities that cause damage to tendons and in the long term have more relapses of elbow pain.

Studies like this one show that although you may feel pain relief quickly with cortisone injections, the problem seems to come back in the future due to the fact that the root cause of the injury was never address. 

Long story short, you’re better off going through a tennis elbow exercise program to strengthen your forearm muscles than getting an injection that will only mask your pain temporarily and cause relapses in the near future.

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