The ONE Exercise You MUST Do For Herniated Discs and Sciatica

One of the best ways to treat a herniated disc and sciatica is through therapeutic exercises that stimulate motion and nourishment in the discs. 

Intervertebral discs are avascular (have zero or very little blood supply) structures which require motion and exercise in order to heal properly.

This is something that medications, painkillers, or injections can’t do because their purpose is to numb you so you feel less pain temporarily, not to correct an injured disc.

When performing the sciatica exercise (reverse hyperextension) in this video, make sure your low back is supported.  This exercise can be performed on the edge of a bed, table, couch, or even an exercise ball.

The pumping mechanism behind the reverse hyperextension makes it one of the best exercises for sciatica nerve pain relief.  The best part about it, is that you can use this and other exercises as natural remedies from the convenience of your home.

How to Get Rid of Sciatica 
Surgery, Injections, or Addicting Painkillers