Lower Back Pain With Sit Ups? (DO THIS INSTEAD)

lower back pain sit ups

We all know a strong core is essential for stability and to prevent low back injuries.

With that being said many people start with the old school sit up to strengthen their abs and core and this may actually cause more low back pain.

The reason for this is that you’re moving the lumbar spine into flexion while lifting your upper body and this increases the pressure inside the lumbar spine discs.

A study done in 1976 showed that sit ups actually increase the pressure inside discs by 210% which is why your low back hurts after doing sit ups, especially if you’re already suffering from herniated discs.

low back pain sits up disc pressure

A smarter way to strengthen your core and abs is to do isometric exercises.

One of the functions of the abdominals is to prevent motion and that is exactly what isometric exercises do, they strengthen the abdomen by preventing motion without bending the waist.

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