Tension Headache & Neck Pain Exercises (INSTANT RELIEF REMEDY)

Tension headaches happen because of a build up of tension in the neck and upper back area. This is very common in people who work at desk and are looking down for long periods of time.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a bunch of home remedies for headaches and the simplest way to get relief from a tension headache is to relax the muscles that are tight.

The exercises in this video will give you almost instant headache relief.  Once you see that the exercises work, it is best to do them throughout the day to prevent the onset of neck pain and headaches.

A home treatment tool that I also use is an acupressure mat called Pranamat, which helps to increase circulation to the tight muscles around the neck and upper back, releases tension, and reduces knots built up on the muscles.  Click this link for my review of the Pranamat acupressure mat and its benefits.

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