BEST Tennis Elbow Exercise for Lateral Epicondylitis Relief

best tennis elbow exercises stretches lateral epicondylitis

Tennis elbow exercises should focus on weaknesses and imbalances above and below the elbow joint, not just on the joint itself.

The most common exercises for lateral epicondylitis focus on the wrist extensors muscles that sit on top of the forearm.

So you might be asking yourself…

Why are you working on the wrist extensors if the problem is at the elbow?

The answer is simple.

The wrist extensors attach to the lateral epicondyle of the elbow which is where tennis elbow pain is felt.

Since tennis elbow is an overuse injury where the wrist extensors are overused and not strong enough to take on the workload, the main goal with any rehab program should be to get these stronger.

The most effective and best tennis elbow exercises involve eccentric work, where you are focusing mostly on the negative or lower portion of the exercise.

Eccentric exercises strengthen the tendon, remodel the tendon fibers correctly, and get the muscle stronger.

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