TOP 5 Myths About Sciatica (DEBUNKED)

5 sciatica myths debunked

I often hear many people talking about how their sciatica flares up every now and then but the majority of people don’t know what is really happening inside their body. So I decided to write this post, to help you better understand what sciatica is and to debunk the top 5 common myths about this…

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Acupressure Mat Benefits: Pranamat Acupuncture Mat Review

acupressure mat benefits pranamat review acupuncture mat

The code mentioned in the video is DRGUEVARA.  Use it at checkout for 10% OFF (exclusive to my followers) Acupressure Mat Benefits: Pranamat Review If you suffer from muscle tension, tension headaches, neck, upper back, and low back pain that’s muscular in nature, this Pranamat review video will explain the benefits of acupressure mats, sometimes…

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How to Read an MRI for Herniated Discs (#1 Cause of Sciatica)

how to read an mri lumbar spine herniated disc sciatica

When treating sciatica, it’s very important to understand the anatomy in the spine and pelvis because knowing the source of the problem will help you to follow the correct treatment plan for best results. In this video I show you the anatomy of the lumbar spine as seen on an MRI image and I go…

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Core Strengthening Exercise For Herniated Discs (WALL PLANK)

wall plank best core strengthening exercises for six pack abs

If you suffer from a herniated disc or low back pain, you want to make sure you have a strong core but in order to do that you want do train your core with exercises that don’t harm you. In other words you want to AVOID exercises that bend your waist forward like a sit-up…

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