Do Patellar Tendonitis Straps Work?

do patellar tendonitis straps work?

If you have patellar tendonitis, you’ve likely overdone a certain activity, have not rested enough, and now your knee is letting you know by causing a sharp pain right below the knee cap.

The majority of people with this condition also have several underlying contributing factors that they’re not aware of which overload the patellar tendon.

Some of these underlying factors include a lack of ankle mobility, flat feet, low hip mobility, tight calves, or weak glutes muscle, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of these weaknesses and restrictions in their body so they just focus on the patellar tendon and advice from friends and family, so they proceed to go their local pharmacy and buy a patellar tendon strap or brace.

Do Patellar Straps Work?

patellar tendonitis strap

If you want to correct the problem, the simple answer is NO

The reason for this, is that a strap or brace will NOT strengthen your patellar tendon or correct imbalances that are causing the underlying problem to begin with.

A strap can help you feel better TEMPORARILY because it will re-distribute the load your patellar tendon receives, but that can be dangerous…

Because you’re putting a “band-aid” on your knee, you’ll have less pain and that can lead you to continue overdoing it and causing more harm to your patellar tendon.

I call this the “Knee Strap Trap”…

Knee Strap Trap

So when the knee strap/brace comes off you’ll probably be hurting more.

If you need this “band-aid” on a regular basis just to get by, you are better off getting to the underlying root of the problem.

Following a specific rehabilitation protocol for your patellar tendon and muscles surrounding the knee is extremely important if you want your knee to heal without restrictions.

For that reason, you HAVE TO put in the work and correct the underlying problems.

But it’s not rocket science. And I’m providing you with the short cut so that you fix your patellar tendonitis the RIGHT WAY.

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