How a Weak Gluteus Medius Causes Patellar Tendonitis

patellar tendonitis exercises stretches jumpers knee weak gluteus medius

Your glutes have a lot to do with knee pain and can be a contributing factor to patellar tendonitis.

You see the glutes are responsible for many things such as walking, jumping, and running which involve controlling your femur (thigh bone).

More specifically the glute medius muscle plays a huge role in abducting and rotating your thigh.

Therefore, weakness in the glute medius can contribute to many issues down the kinetic chain, including knock knees.

Strong glute medius muscles resist the forces that are trying to push your knees inward especially when running, jumping, or squatting. If your glutes are weak, then you end up in a knee valgus position.


When you end up in this knock kneed position, it puts an enormous amount of stress not only on the patellar tendon (because it's being pulled off-axis) but also on your ACL and medial meniscus.

In this video I show you the one-legged side bridge exercise that targets both the left and right gluteus medius muscle at the same time.

To perform the exercise, simply lay on your side, push down against the grown with the bottom leg and lift the top leg. Hold at the top for 3 seconds, then repeat 20 times and switch sides.

To treat patellar tendinitis correctly, you have to take into consideration other contributing factors above and below the knee joint.

Below the knee joint, you have to look at the arches on your feet, the mobility in your ankles, the flexibility in the calves.

Above the knee joint, you have to look at the flexibility in the hamstrings, decreased hip mobility, the tightness in the quads, and weaknesses in the gluteus muscles.

Even the best knee brace or patellar tendonitis strap will not fix your patellar tendonitis.  If you need a brace or strap on a regular basis just to get by, you are better off getting to the underlying root of the problem.

This is why it’s important to incorporate a complete treatment plan that shows you the correct patellar tendonitis exercises and stretches if you want to heal your jumper’s knee and patellar tendon pain.

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