Heal Patellar Tendonitis With Eccentric Squats On A Slant Board

how to heal patellar tendonitis with eccentric squat exercises slant board jumpers knee

To heal patellar tendonitis correctly, you have to follow a rehabilitation program that focuses on strengthening the patellar tendon but also takes in to account how the whole kinetic chain affects the biomechanics of the knee joint.

One of the best exercises to successfully treat patellar tendonitis is the eccentric squat on a 25 degree slant board.

When you first start this exercise you want to use proper form and use both legs. Your hip should hinge back, thighs should reach parallel,  and your knees should not go past your toes.

As you progress through different phases of treatment, you’ll start incorporating one-legged squats which will be more challenging but will strengthen your patellar tendon better than any other exercise.

Although this exercise focuses on the patellar tendon, you also have to take into consideration other contributing factors above and below the knee joint.

Below the knee joint, you have to look at the arches on your feet, the mobility in your ankles, the flexibility in the calves.

Above the knee joint, you have to look at the flexibility in the hamstrings, decreased hip mobility, the tightness in the quads, and weaknesses in the gluteus muscles.

Even the best knee brace or patellar tendonitis strap will not fix your patellar tendonitis. If you need a brace or strap on a regular basis just to get by, you are better off getting to the underlying root of the problem.

This is why it’s important to incorporate a complete treatment plan that shows you the correct patellar tendonitis exercises and stretches to heal your jumper’s knee and patellar tendon pain for the long term.

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