Lumbar slipped disc causing sciatica? AVOID these 3 exercises

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If you’re suffering from low back pain due to slipped or herniated discs, it’s important to know which exercises to do to help decrease the pain and heal the disc injury, but it’s also VERY IMPORTANT to understand which exercises can cause harm.

Generally speaking, people with a disc herniation in the low back have more pain whenever they bend forward from the waist.

For this reason exercises such as sit ups and leg lifts, which cause lumbar flexion, can cause an increase in pain and/or pain going down the leg (sciatica).

Other things you want to avoid with a herniated disc are smoking and too much bed rest.

With herniated discs in the low back, you also want to avoid activities such as lifting heavy objects and twisting motions.  

So movements around your house such as lifting grocery bags, laundry baskets, or picking up anything from the floor can increase your low back pain.

Either get help from someone in your house or practice proper lifting techniques to prevent flare ups.

You can also practice isometric exercises as shown in the video above, which strengthen your core without bending your waist.